Firewall (BitDefender - BOX 2 Smart Home Cybersecurity)

Firewall (BitDefender - BOX 2 Smart Home Cybersecurity)

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Cybersecurity for all Internet-connected devices

Complete, multi-layered cybersecurity for your computers, smart phones, tablets, baby monitors, game consoles, smart TVs, and everything that's connected in your home.

Simple device management

Receive notification in smart application when new device connected to your home network and control what that device is allowed to do.

Parental controls

Easily monitor your kids online activities, pause internet access and manage screen time.

Safe Browsing

Blocks all unsafe or malicious URL to protect against phishing & online fraud.

Vulnerability Assessment

Continuously scans, identifies and highlights network security flaws.

Exploit Prevention

Detects and blocks attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in your devices and network.

Anomaly Detection

Understands how devices should behave under normal circumstances and is able to accurately identify, block and alert you upon any malicious activity.

Sensitive Data protection

Makes sure no sensitive information should be sent without encryption.

Brute-Force Protection

The brute force protection technology will prevent hackers from taking control of your devices.